Custom Concrete Planters for Personal and Business Use


Creating original, timeless designs is rooted in my affinity for all things natural, and realized through a dramatic focus on art, design and craftsmanship.

Much of my inspiration is found within the intricacies of natural wood. As an artist, designer and craftsman, there is a carryover to other creative sustainable products including custom concrete planters designed as site-specific pieces for residential home decor, business and public space use.

The use of concrete for unique outdoor planters provides a beautiful option as a sculptural medium, offering a design opportunity for incorporating innovative designs such as corporate logos, an estate name or business identification.

Our custom outdoor planters and garden planters are ideally suited to:

  • Residential landscapes or patios
  • Shopping centers
  • Corporate-retail centers
  • Commercial airports
  • Entrances to residential master-planned communities

We invite you to call Craft Hammer Designs to share your thoughts and vision for design of concrete commercial planters, outdoor or extra large garden planters as beautiful custom architectural landscape elements.

Outdoor Planters for Entryways and Patios


Do you prefer sleek, simple, yet surprisingly sophisticated concrete outdoor planters for the entryway to your home?

Because of my experience as an artist, designer and craftsman, the architectural design capabilities for custom commercial concrete planters or unique large concrete garden planters of vibrant colors and sculptural elements are endless.

To get your conceptual ideas flowing, these are some of the shapes you may wish to consider for concrete planters custom-designed for your commercial entryway, or garden planters for your residential patio:

  • Classic round
  • Square
  • Bell
  • Bouquet style
  • Wave shape
  • Bench type

Any of these outdoor large planters can be used as architectural landscape backdrops or to add remarkable visual appear to the entrance of your home.

Call us to get started with a work of art that will enhance your landscape!

Make a Statement with Unique Garden Planters


You may share our affinity for a natural breathtaking garden landscape with gorgeous artisan concrete garden planters, benches or maybe even a fire bowl on the patio.

If you are searching for unique concrete planters or outdoor planters and the selection at your local mega garden center is narrow and uninspiring, join the movement that is returning to unique custom pieces designed and handcrafted by artisans.

Our one-of-a-kind concrete outdoor planters provide the perfect answer to add:

  • Interesting architectural elements to your landscape or garden
  • Breathtakingly beautiful visual appeal to the entrance of your commercial building
  • Unique artistry such as Old World classics with sculpted detail to your courtyard

We invite your questions and inquiries for unique one-of-a-kind concrete planters designed and handcrafted by an artisan. Call Craft Hammer Design today! 425-229-3506